“It is fine if you lost a battle because you could not fight. But it is bad if you lost a battle because you did not fight”   ~ Gautam Sharma


“Do not look at problems through a vehicle’s rear view mirror. Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear”   ~ Gautam Sharma


“If you change yourself for the people around you, you are human. If the people around you change themselves for you, you are divine”  ~ Gautam Sharma

“If possessiveness and anger are the two eyes of your relationship, your relationship is blind” ~ Gautam Sharma


“When a pebble gets into our shoes accidentally, we take immediate action to remove it. But when a trouble gets into our heart incidentally, we do not take immediate action to remove it. We will be successful if we learn to treat pebbles and troubles as one and the same” ~ Gautam Sharma


“A speck of dust in your eyes can mask a beautiful vision ahead. A speck of pessimism in your heart can mask a beautiful life ahead”  ~ Gautam Sharma


“For a man of values, death is not an end. It is a beginning because he will begin to live in the hearts of people” ~ Gautam Sharma


“A man cannot be considered knowledgeable until he acquires the knowledge to let things go” ~ Gautam Sharma


“Stage fear is like Diabetes. You can never get rid of it. But by taking appropriate steps, you can keep it under control” ~ Gautam Sharma


“Hold what you love until people love you for holding it” ~ Gautam Sharma

“Sometimes, life puts us through situations due to which we end up becoming a broken shadow of our charismatic selves. But these are the situations which will eventually make us realize that, what seemed broken was just a shadow and will change when light shines from the end side.” ~ Gautam Sharma