Communication defines the Universe


Communication defines the Universe

Shall we call it the “Universal theory of communication”? That sounds a lot like high school physics. So let me keep it simple. Communication is an important factor for the functioning of our very universe. Every being in this world communicates with another either positively or negatively. The health of these communications, defines the health of our mother earth.

The scope of communication is far beyond language. Consider an infant for instance. An infant knows no language, syllables or dialects. Yet, he is very effective in communicating when he is hungry or sleepy. Consider your pet who knows no alphabet. Yet, he can read every emotion that you experience and reflect them too. He can show his concern, care and love for you in many ways which are beyond languages. When your hands, legs or any body part for that matter aches, don’t you think they are trying to communicate to you that they need attention, care and a supply of energy? And these communications are far beyond syntax, semantics and grammar.

Every move of ours sends out signals of communication to the people around us. Imagine yourself seated in a world class conference. The keynote speaker walks in with a shabby T-shirt, unkempt hair & flip-flops. The speaker may not have started speaking, but his very act of showing up in an untidy attire sends signals of communication to the audience out there. This act may communicate positive elements and make the audience feel that the speaker is a cool guy. But more often than not, it may send negative signals of communication  and make the audience feel that the speaker doesn’t respect the forum, doesn’t value the stage and doesn’t care about the dignitaries seated in the hall.

I truly believe that the world can be made a healthier place to live in by communicating a lot of positive things. How many times do we wish the security guards who care for our safety? How many times do we thank the juice shop vendor for making the best juice ever? How many times did we spend time and speak to the janitors who work to keep our hygiene levels high? Do we smile at the bus conductor who promptly gives us change without any complaints even when we give him a 100 INR note for a 3 INR ticket? Do we greet the garbage collectors on road who live amidst dust and dirt to keep our city clean? Do we smile at the underprivileged kid across our street whose only entertainment is watching people walk by? These are things that we can do on a daily basis to ensure that this universe experiences healthy signals of communication.

My dear friends. Blessed are we to be born as human beings with a sixth sense. Blessed are we to be educated enough to know what is right and what is wrong. Blessed are we to be cultured enough to know what is good and what is bad. Let us ensure that we send positive communications every minute, second and millisecond. Let us make this universe a healthier place to live in!!!

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