When life gives you a gift…


When life gives you a gift…

July 6, 2015 – The day I turned 24. My Facebook wall was flooded with unconditional love my friends and family members showered. Every Whatsapp group I was part of, was filled with wishes and blessings. My table was filled with gifts and my heart was filled with joy. While everyone in my speech club’s whatsapp group was busy wishing me on my birthday, there was one person who was wondering what was going on, as she was added to the group only few hours before the shower of wishes. Little did I realize that she is the best gift god had sent to me on my birthday !!

I had been taught by my friends- “When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of them”. I had never been taught what I am supposed to do when life throws roses at me. I just decided to weave them into a garland and keep walking in the dream land!!

July 10, 2015 – I received a call from my speech club’s Vice President asking me if I could help a new member with her speeches. I said yes and in a jiffy, I got a text from him with a phone number and a name that read Jayashee – A name that turned this giant into a soft panda bear. A name that came into the game of my life to add a lot of fame to me and to make me blame myself for missing this idiot for the first 24 years of my existence on earth.

After a few hours of so called “educational discussion”, I asked her if we could meet in person and continue talking about this. She reluctantly agreed and we fixed the time at 11 AM on the following Monday.

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