Do we live?


Do we live?

The first thing that Rahim noticed that morning while brushing his teeth, was the reflection of a wall mounted monthly calendar in his shaving mirror. The date was December 23, 2015. He immediately picked up his mobile and calls Pooja. 
“Hey Pooja. Good morning. Do you remember what day is today”
“Yes Rahim. How could I forget the day when our whole world crashed and all the lights of my life went off”
“Relax Pooja. World is round and what looks like an end is always a new beginning. Let me not bore you with my borrowed yet motivational quotes. It is time for us to carry out a sweet business that we are obliged to do. I will call Ram, Robert and Preethi too. Will pick you up in an hour”
After an hour, they all board Rahim’s vintage car and headed towards a place they had been longing to visit. Pooja embalmed herself in the rear seat. With every revolution of the car’s wheel, Pooja’s imagination too revolved and took her back in the timeline by 4 years when this gang had another member “Veer”. 
Veer was brave youngster as his name signified and a typical fledgling at conversing with people, especially of the opposite gender. He was tall and muscular and became an item of admiration for many, at the same time, a laughing stock for another group of people. Conversations with Veer usually had a soporific effect on people and they always preferred to leave him shunned. Veer never seemed to be bothered about being eschewed as he was a boy of goals. He was a dreamer who knew what to dream of. 
[To be continued…..]

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