Vocal variety – “Never give up your dreams, never give up your ambitions”


Vocal variety – “Never give up your dreams, never give up your ambitions”

Project Summary : Your voice has a major effect on your audience. A lively exciting voice attracts and keeps listeners’ attention. A speaking voice should be pleasant, natural, forceful, expressive, and easily heard. Use volume, pitch, rate and quality as well as appropriate pauses to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message. Your vice should reflect the thoughts you are presenting.

  • Use volume, pitch, rate, and quality to reflect and add meaning and interest to your message. 
  • Use pauses to enhance your message. 
  • Use vocal variety smoothly and naturally.

Time limit: 5 to 7 minutes with a minimum qualification time of 4 minutes 30 seconds and maximum time of 7 minutes 30 seconds.

Never give up your dreams, never give up your ambitions

Can you imagine living a life like this? A life with just one out of your four limbs alive and the other three being amputated. A life in which you are dependent on someone for even the smallest activity like drinking water. A life in which you will be limping throughout. A life in which everyone considers you as a burden and curses you. A life in which you get a chance to walk on more than leg only during your funeral procession. But… A life which is successful despite all these inabilities?
Fellow Toastmasters and guests. I am privileged to talk about a person called Nambi who lived such a life, but still became successful in his own ways and taught a lesson, “Never give up your dreams. Never give up your ambitions”.
Nambi was an agriculturist. His dream, his ambition, his aspiration everything was to become one of the best agriculturists that the country has ever come across. He worked day and night to achieve this. Unlike many of us who dream a lot, never work towards it and finally claim that the dream is not meant for us. He worked hard and found new techniques of cultivating and irrigating crops. His prowess in agriculture fetched him a good recognition. People in his locality appreciated him a lot and started using his techniques of farming. His family saw Nambi as a living example of hard work. His friends respected him as the epitome of sincerity. Everything was clean and colourful in Nambi’s life until one day when he met with a severe accident and was hospitalized. When he gained consciousness and gradually opened his eyes in the hospital bed, he found that three of his four limbs had been amputated and the doctors had no other option than doing it.
From that day, slowly things started changing in Nambi’s life. People in his village who sang in his praise were nowhere to be seen. Hardly they came and enquired for few days and they were gone. His friends who saw him as an epitome of sincerity, sincerely escaped from his life. Just because they were afraid if Nambi would by chance ask for a monetary help from them. His family that looked at Nambi as a living example of hard work, started to consider him as a burden. They cursed him, as he was troubling his family members for each and everything.
For such an ambitious person this was indeed a huge blow. If any of us had been in his position, we would have definitely given up. Definitely!! Some of us might have even thought about ending our life right there. Especially in an era when there were no computers and laptops, there is nothing we could have done in this situation. But Nambi didn’t give up. He just went, stood in front of an idol of god and said, “Hey god. Do you think you have killed my dream of becoming the greatest agriculturist? My dream is mine. You cannot take them away from me at any cost. I will never give up my dream, I will never give up my ambition”
After thinking for a while, Nambi went, picked up a pen with his mouth, knelt down and started practising to write with his mouth. After days and months of practice, Nambi became an expert in writing with his mouth. With this talent, he went ahead and wrote a book on the best practices of agriculture. And guess what, Nambi’s book became a National best seller. He was rewarded by the State government for the same and the government also announced that Nambi would be provided with artificial hands and legs free of cost.
Friends, if one person, Nambi, can achieve such a huge deal of success despite all hardships, what can you and me with proper physical and mental health achieve? All of us have dreams. You may have a dream to do higher studies, you may have a dream to start your own company, you may have a dream to become a great public speaker. Nambi toiled enough to materialize his dreams. But, what are we doing towards achieving our dreams? . We merely try a few times. Once, twice, thrice and finally we give up. At the end we just quit the game saying that we are not lucky enough.
Fellow toastmasters and guests, Collin Luther Powell, A US army general once said, “A dream doesn’t become reality through luck. It requires sweat, determination and hard work”. If you have an aspiration, perspire for it and victory would be all yours. Always remember, “Never give up your dreams, never give up your ambitions”.

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