Toastmaster of the day


Toastmaster of the day

As a toastmaster of the day, the progress of the entire meeting becomes your responsibility. You are the sole controller of that meeting. This role would make you feel: “Yes it is my meeting!! My show”

You will be intimated well in advance if you are assigned the role of TMOD. You have to start planning all aspects of the meeting. It is now your responsibility to co-ordinate with all role players. If any role player becomes unavailable, you need to contact the Vice President – Education and find an alternate role player. The role players must have confirmed their attendance at least 3 days in advance.

Another important task is to prepare the meeting agenda using the template. You are required to check for the following details in the agenda.

  • Club number and the area/ division/ district to which the club belongs to.
  • Meeting number.
  • Venue, date and time of the meetings.
  • Club officers’ name and contact details.
  • Theme of the day and word of the day.
  • Names of role players, speech titles, project number.
  • Also kindly check if the alignment is proper. I know it sounds silly. But we miss this sometimes. 

On the day of the meeting, you are required be present at the venue at least 15-20 minutes prior to the actual start time. Ensure if all role players have arrived. Prepare appropriate speaker introductions. As mentioned above: it is your meeting, your show!!!

TMOD sequence is as follows:

  1. The presiding officer introduces you and hands over the meeting floor. Introduce yourself and welcome the guests and toastmasters to the meeting.
  2. Give a quick overview about the three sections of the meeting (Prepared speeches, Table topics and evaluations).
  3. Invite the general evaluator to introduce GE role and the TAG team as well. After
  4. this, the general evaluator will hand over the control back you.
  5. Begin with the prepared speeches section.
  6. Introduce speaker #1. Introduce evaluator#1 and ask the evaluator to read the speech objectives. Then invite the speaker to the speaking area.
  7. Summon the speaker in the following order- “TM Name, Speech title, Speech title, TM Name”
  8. After the speech, express your views about the speech in 1-2 lines. This gives an impression to the audience that you are listening.
  9. Repeat steps 5 and 6 for the remaining speakers.
  10. Call for votes, for the prepared speeches section.
  11. Introduce the table topics master for the day and hand over the meeting control to the TTM.
  12. After the table topics section, the TTM hands over the floor to you again. Appreciate the TTM for his efforts. Call for votes for Table topics section.
  13. Introduce the general evaluator once again. Once you pass on the control to the general evaluator, your responsibility as the TMOD ends.

Quick Tips:

  1. Be confident and control your nervousness.
  2. As a TMOD, you need to have a thorough understanding about the various sections of the meeting and the time frame allotted to each section. You have to take care if every individual section ends on time. If all the sections are ended within the allotted time, the meeting would successfully end within 60 minutes.
  3. Have at least three hard copies of the agenda. Try using used/one sided sheets to print the agenda. Save Paper!! Save earth!! You can!!
  4. You need to have a control upon any last minute changes in the agenda.
  5. Read the agenda 1-2 times before the meeting starts so that you can freely speak on stage rather than just reading the names and introductions from the agenda.
  6. Let the hand-shakes and transitions be smooth, natural and professional.

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