Table Topics Master


Table Topics Master

As a table topic master you play an important role. The theme of the entire meeting is purely your choice. You will be informed well in advance if you are assigned the role of a Table topics master for a particular meeting.
Select a theme for the meeting at least one week in advance and inform the Vice President Public Relations and the TMOD (There are clubs in which the Toastmaster of the day chooses the meeting theme. In that case you can skip this part). We request you to give the theme at least one week in advance because there are so many other things like preparing flyer, choosing word of the day etc to be done based on the theme.
If you think that you will not be available for the meeting, inform the Vice President – Education at the earliest.
Select topics based on the theme. Have at least 6-7 topics (depending on the number of table topics speeches that your meeting agenda will permit). 70% of your topics should be meant for members and 30% of the topics should be considerably easier to speak. You can use the easy topics for guests and new members.
Make yourself available at least 15-20 minutes prior to the meeting.
Your sequence is as follows:
  1. After the prepared speeches section, the TMOD introduces you.
  2. Acknowledge the TMOD, introduce yourself and give a brief overview of the theme and its purpose.
  3. Invite the first speaker and summon him in the following order – “Name, Topic, Topic, Name”.
  4. Repeat step 3 for all other speakers as well.
  5. Appreciate the speaker for his efforts at the end of every speech and encourage everyone to participate.
  6. After the session, hand over the meeting control to the TMOD again.
Quick Tips:
  1. Control any nervousness you may have. Project confidence on stage.
  2. You have to be aware of the time allotted for table topics section. Accordingly limit your speaking in between the speeches and finish the session on time. It is good to avoid giving personal opinions in between speeches. The role of a table topics master is just to invite speakers, give them a topic and ensure that most of the non-role players of the meeting get stage time.
  3. Announce the topic clearly so that the speaker understands it.
  4. Let the hand-shakes and transitions be smooth, natural and professional.

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