Organize your speech – “The twin brothers”


Organize your speech – “The twin brothers”

Project Summary : Good speech organization is essential if your audience is to follow and understand your presentation. You must take the time to put your ideas together in an orderly manner. You can organize your speech in several different ways; choose the outline that best suits your topic. The opening should catch the audience’s attention, the body must support the idea you want to convey and the conclusion should reinforce your ideas and be memorable. Transitions between thoughts should be smooth.
  • Select an appropriate outline which allows listeners to easily follow and understand your speech. 
  • Make your message clear with supporting materials directly contributing to that message.
  • Use appropriate transitions while moving from one idea to another.
  • Create a strong opening and conclusion. 
Time limit: 5 to 7 minutes with a minimum qualification time of 4 minutes 30 seconds and maximum time of 7 minutes 30 seconds.

The twin brothers 

April 21, 2013… A bright Sunday morning… I gave birth to two cute little kids at the same time … same moment. Both of them grew up as brave young guys, battling with each other and fighting among themselves to conquer me. And the winner was…..

Mr. Toastmaster, fellow toastmasters and guests. “Doubt” and “Confidence” are twin brothers to each other. You know why ? Its because we give birth to both of them at the same moment. It so happened in my life and almost all of you would have experienced it. 

It was a bright Sunday morning. I woke up with so much of energy and enthusiasm as it was the much awaited “Tamil Nadu divisional level table topics speech contest” that day. I suddenly got reminded of the e-mail that I received last night from the contest chairperson. The e-mail said “No mobiles phones with a camera are allowed inside the campus”. I decided to transfer my sim card to my sisters old Nokia handset. 

Then I thought, “what if I get lost in my way…? what if I don’t reach the venue on time..? Better let me transfer the contact details of the contest chair to my sisters mobile as it would help…”. That is when I gave birth to my first son “Doubt”. Well,… I did not stop with that. I also transferred the contact number of our own president Murali.. You know why ? To call him after the contest and tell him that I have won… That is when I gave birth to my second son “Confidence”… 

From that moment till the contest began, I could feel a mighty war happening inside between my two little sons to conquer me. I was bruised, wounded and hurt by the scars my sons made. I could feel my heart bleeding from inside unable to bear the magnitude of this battle !! Right from the waiting hall, till I walked through a crowded aisle and stood by the side of the stage, my first son kept asking me .. “Father, are you

really sure you would do well today ?” .. and my second son kept telling me .. “Come on dad.. If you cant do well today, who else can ?” 
I managed to refrain myself from listening to these kids and climbed the stage. The contest master announced “Contestant #4, TM Gautam… Trains eventually move, but platforms don’t… TM Gautam”. I looked around at the audience who had turned up in overwhelming numbers, making me wonder if I was really in a contest hall or in the middle of Ranganathan street !!!! 
I extended my arms like Jesus Christ which I often do when I begin my speech and said, “Mr. Contest master, Fellow toastmasters and guests”.. My first son popped up once again and asked me.. “Dad.. Are you sure your understood the topic.. Will you be able to do well today ?”.. I told him…”QUIETTT !!!!” and continued my speech. All through my speech he was troubling me with a lot of doubts and finally he told me .. “Dad !! I don’t think you are speaking sense.. I don’t feel that you are doing justice to the topic. Better conclude when the green card flashes” … Eventually I started doubting myself !!! As my son advised, I concluded my speech in a very short duration of 1:15 minutes and got myself seated among the audience.
The District lieutenant governor of education, DTM Kumran called me and said “Brilliant speech Gautam. You did a great job in spite of the fact that you are a new comer to the club. By the way…. Why did you stop in the middle. You could have talked for a minute more and you would have perhaps won the contest”.
That is when I realized that my first son “Doubt” had succeeded in conquering me. He not only conquered me.. But also killed my second son “Confidence” and made a loser. Had I spoken for one more minute, I could have been the winner. But he stopped me from doing that. Of course !!!!! Am extremely glad about the fact that I fought a brave battle in the divisional level contest and got the third place despite being a very new member who joined the club just over 2 months ago. “Extremely glad”.. I mean it. But… If I had not doubted myself, if I had not doubted my confidence, just imagine how that day would have been in my life. Just imagine the amount of confidence I would have gained !!! The worst part of realization is that it comes only after we lose something !! 
That day I made a decision. I took a knife to stab my own son !! I stabbed him again and again and again, so that he doesn’t dare to disturb me one more time. Yes !!! I killed him !!! I felt that infanticide is not a sin in this case. I decided to crush him in the womb if he tries to take birth once again. I decided to be a furious father, a dangerous dad and a pernicious parent !!! 
Though it is practically difficult, I have made up my mind to spend the rest of my life with my second son alone. He is the one who made me a respectable human, he is the one who made me stand tall and strong all through the last 21 years of my life and he is the one who is making me speak in front of you today !! He might have lost that day, but he won’t be a loser always !! I believe that “My second son”, “My confidence” will support me till I reach the grave !!! Do you believe it ?????

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